The top Jersey for adults and children 220123, Minsk, Starovilenskaya St., 131

Отдел маркетинга: тел./факс: +375(17)334-15-13,
         тел.: +375(17)239-25-50
Приемная: тел./факс: +375(17)334-39-10,
         тел.: +375(17)334-30-34,

     Great new year offer for decisive tenants! You should hurry up!
     From December 15, 2017, tenants of the office, or premises for production, or warehouse (and you can all together), are offered additional rental discounts up to 50% for a period of 3 to 6 months!


     The duration of rental discounts depends on the date of signing the lease agreement - the earlier the contract is signed and the longer the term of the contract, the more rental discounts!
     All rooms are located in the city center at the address: Minsk,Starovilenskaya,131.
     The cost of renting a 3BYN/m2

Lawyer +375172886695 Pozdnyakov Pavel Alekseevich
Chief engineer +375173343034 Savile Sergei Adamovich
Reception +375173343684